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Bozart Family Dentistry Needed an Automated Solution for Admitting Patients - Savance Health Fit the Bill Perfectly

By host on 3/28/2014 9:09 AM
Bozart Family Dentistry Reduce Wait Times and Increase Satisfaction

Bozart Family Dentistry provides comprehensive dental services, including but not limited to orthodontics, dental surgery, periodontics, and cosmetic dentistry, to a wide range of patients. Recently, the team at Bozart Family Dentistry realized that their patient check-in process was experiencing bottlenecks. While the capacity to provide dental services was sufficient, the support staff was often stretched thin by high patient volume – resulting in long wait times and losses in efficiency for the small practice.

Reimbursement and the Affordable Care Act

By host on 10/23/2013 8:50 AM
Affordable Health Care Act

If you are a physician in your own practice or in a hospital—or allied health professional (e.g., nurse practitioner or registered dietician) —you are aware of the need to track and monitor your patients efficiently.  Preventive care has been expanded by the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a Obama Care, and millions of people are expected to join the ranks of the insured—which means you may experience an increase in patient visits.  Expanded preventive health insurance coverage includes annual “well women” visits, mammograms, cervical cancer screening, human papilloma virus testing, and testing for anemia and gestational diabetes in pregnant women.  The Savance Health patient tracker can enable you to absorb changes resulting from an increase in patients, health care visits and reimbursements.

Changes in RFID and Patient Information Security that Affect Your Health Care Business

By host on 3/31/2013 10:12 PM
The Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted to keep patients’ private information safe and most facilities are concerned with providing the privacy of their patients according to the requirements within the act. A Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag has become the simplest solution for protecting large volumes of information received through patient registration. Many facilities and health care providers have learned that human error makes it nearly impossible to protect the information completely and that any mistakes that are made are likely to be expensive ones.

The first HIPAA breach settlement occurred on January 3, 2013 when a small healthcare facility was fined $50,000 for a breach of security. While these guidelines are strict, they are also important for protecting the patient as well as your health care facility. As technology continues to grow, the regulations for keeping patient information safe are expected to become even stricter with stiffer penalties for violations. It is important for healthcare facilities to take advantage of technology to provide the utmost security for their patients’ information starting with a registration management system that prevents the breach of information that can occur when paper files or computers are left unattended.

How the Use of Interactive Patient Care Improves the Business of Healthcare

By host on 3/18/2013 1:46 PM


Interactive patient care technology is changing the face of the healthcare industry. The very nature of how the healthcare business operates is evolving. The needs to increase patient satisfaction and meet HIPPA regulations have proven to not be an obstacle to progress in the healthcare industry. The challenge is being met in very inventive and successful ways. Savance Health is proud to be an industry leader in innovative technology that offers the modern solutions needed.