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Savance Health Now Integrates with Open Dental

By host on 2/27/2014 4:12 PM
Open Dental and Savance Patient Sign in and Tracking software Integration

Savance Health is proud to announce the integration of our innovative Simple Patient Sign-In and Patient Tracking products with Open Dental software.

Since going to market in 2003 they have established themselves as a leading provider in patient management system for dentist worldwide. Open Dental offers a robust patient management system which offers features like appointment management, treatment plans, billing, dental charts, paper and insurance management. The ability to scale their solution from a single user to multiple users is a key reason why more than 4,000 dental facilities use Open Dental.

Eliminating Slow Patient Check-in and Waiting

By host on 2/26/2014 1:52 AM
Eliminating Slow Patient Check-in and Waiting

One of the highly frustrating experiences that patients encounter—and that fosters a bad impression—is a slow patient check-in for a scheduled appointment. Savance Health can expedite this process, and thereby improve patient satisfaction (which is a key factor in continued provider inclusion on the part of insurance carriers). According to a fact-sheet on "Older Persons' Health" of the Centers for Disease Control, there were 298 million outpatient visits in 2010 by persons age 65 and up—precisely those who have the least capacity to cope with a slow patient check-in and/or long wait time for healthcare. Likewise, toddlers can become irritable in waiting rooms, and act disruptively.