Healthcare Staff Tracking - Easily track doctors, nurses, and other healthcare/hospital staff

Healthcare Staff Tracking

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  • Achieve more effective management of healthcare staff resources and associated costs.
  • Easily identify staff and workflow bottlenecks to make improvements.
  • Improve tracking of interactions between healthcare staff and patients.
  • Enjoy better inter-departmental communication and workflow.
  • Enhance records for HIPAA compliance.

Celeste Favor

Operations Manager, Children’s National Health

We get more from Savance Health, with less costs. We get many more features, so much more support, and really like that you are a healthcare company that works with healthcare solutions. You really seem to have your finger on the pulse.

Donna Yoshida

Operations Manager, Valley Children's Hospital

I’d wholeheartedly recommend Savance to anyone looking to work with a great company to deliver a software and hardware solution for the healthcare industry. Their ability to listen, suggest, and deliver is what sets them apart from other vendors.

Savance Health
Healthcare Staff Tracking

Savance Health's Staff Tracking solution helps you improve interdepartmental workflow and communication by easily keeping track of every member of your healthcare team. With better organization, as well as the data you need to identify staff and workflow bottlenecks, you can significantly decrease patient wait times for a higher level of patient satisfaction.

Hospitals and healthcare clinics are often required to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of procedures and processes, including staff utilization. Savance Health can help. Healthcare Staff Tracking offers an easy way to reduce the costs associated with staff management, and streamline your healthcare business. You can quickly spot and correct any breakdowns in the flow of operations, resulting in better organization and a better patient experience. For comprehensive healthcare data collection, also make sure to see our Patient Tracking & Flow solution.

Customized Doctor, Nurse & Staff Tracking

Savance Health’s staff tracking solution uses the very latest in tracking technology. It is an automated, hassle-free system that lets you monitor healthcare staff according to your own specifications. Use with any type of clinic or hospital employee, including doctors and nurses.

"We have seen marked improvements in operations, workflow, and patient satisfaction since implementing [the Savance Health] system"

Donna Yoshida
Valley Children's Hospital

Healthcare Staff Tracking will allow you to utilize current information to help increase security, reduce costs, and improve organization and efficiency throughout your healthcare facility. Allow physicians, nurses, and other healthcare employees to easily update their status and location using desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, touch screen displays, badges, or fingerprints. Even allow your healthcare staff to easily communicate with one another using built-in communication tools like secure Instant Messaging.

View staff statuses and updates on electronic staff displays

How Does It Work?

Depending on your particular situation and needs, Savance Health will put together a solution package, consisting of our easy-to-use doctor, nurse, and staff tracking software along with appropriate hardware. All information can be accessed in real-time through staff displays, PCs, or mobile devices.

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