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Helping Hospitals Meet the Challenges of the 21st Century

Hospitals today are under significant pressure to meet ever increasing challenges to fulfill their mission to provide superior patient care while remaining financially sound. Hospitals also work under a demanding regulatory scheme.

21st Century Hospital At Savance Health, we recognize these demands and have applied our experience and expertise in developing software applications that automate institutional processes.

Our goal is to help hospitals -- and other health care facilities -- save time and money while improving the patient experience and the working environment of hospital staff.

To meet that goal, we developed Savance Health.

Savance Health Solutions

Savance Health's solutions provide hospital administration and staff with real-time reports with a click of a mouse, enabling administration and staff to make vital decisions, enhancing both financial management and patient care. You can expect better results in both key metrics.

Savance Health provides:

  • Improved patient flow and patient tracking
  • Improved hospital check-in for patients
  • Monitor and Improve wait times and processing times
  • Record the patient's length of stay and procedure times
  • Improve information sharing with patients and their families that is HIPAA compliant
  • Patient sign in services that are  24/7
  • Accurate Tracking of all your Assets
  • Improve costs savings through effective asset management
  • Improve infection control
  • Improve patient satisfaction scores