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Solution for Outpatient Centers

Outpatient ClinicHow Patient Tracking Can Improve Outpatient Clinic Performance

Outpatient clinics stay pretty busy most of the time. They are generally easier to get appointments at, since they utilize the services of many doctors. They also take most forms of health insurance. With an aging population of baby boomers, healthcare is a boon industry for the generation to come. Organization, professional staffing, cost containment and excellent patient care are all very important factors in maintaining a successful outpatient service. 

Savance Health Patient Tracker Can Help

Savance Health Patient Tracker Software is a high tech solution than helps monitor the overall management and flow of the practice. Patient Tracker streamlines patient care from the time a patient first walks into the clinic until they leave.

Patient Check-In Kiosk

When a new or returning patient steps into the facility, they can register or self-check-in with a conveniently located kiosk, or with a simple scanning device. Patients can use a driver's license to scan accurate information, or they can opt to enter information with a touch pad. If need be, an administrative staff member can help the patient with check in. Your staff can also check in or out using the same easy-to-use system.

The check in system can be customized to capture all of the information you need provide a high level of patient care and keep track of key information about your patients. This check in system is the first start in saving patient wait time and managing staff.

Doctors, Nurses and Staff with PatientResource Use

Once a patient has checked in, they can be moved to a treatment area and see a doctor of staff member sooner.  Patient Tracker is capable of  monitoring staff use and staff contact with patients. Over a period of time you can better schedule staff  efficiently to meet periods of greater demand, or lessor demand. You will have records that tell you just how much time each patient needs from your staff and you'll know when peak demands occur. Staff uses the same check in system and can be tracked by simply wearing a badge.

Assets It's critical to monitor and track physical assets.  Knowing what equipment is most used and needed gives you the chance to make sure it's on hand when needed. This cuts down wait time and moves patients along the treatment path more quickly. The equipment is monitored via simple RFID tags.  Since patient, staff and equipment are tracked, you will know when all three come together for procedures and treatments.

Mantain AccuracyAccuracy

Since all tracking is automated, you can be sure of accuracy in your record keeping. Not only will this help you make better patient care and financial decisions, but you can feel confident that all compliance issues are addressed.

Customize You System the Way You Need It

You can customize your system the way you want it! You can pick and choose various options to help track and monitor Patients, Doctors, Nurses, Staff and Assets. We offer a variety of monitoring and tracking devices:

  • Touch screen kiosks
  • Badge and fingerprint readers
  • HIPAA complaint large screen status displays
  • RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) with room locators, wristbands, room locator tags, rf badges, and assets tags

Outpatient Clinic Layout

The End Result

The end results from customizing Savance Health's Patient Tracking Software to your Outpatient Clinic's particular needs include:

  1. Accurate patient identification with a simple check-in process
  2. Fewer potential treatment mistakes based on patient identification
  3. An accurate recording of procedures and medications used or accessed for that patient
  4. Accurate monitoring of staff and doctor touch points with the patient.
  5. A lower overall cost to treat the patient.

You can also feel confident that Patient Tracker will help diminish wait times, help meet the demands of increased workloads, track resource use and improve financial decision making.

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