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Electronic Status Board

Get an immediate overview of how your hospital is running with an electronic hospital display unit from Savance Health. These large display screens can be placed in staff areas and will display all current staff information. It provides location monitoring access all the time, in real time.

The elimination of paperwork trails is innovative and time saving. You have the ability to know where every doctor and staff member is at the hospital at any given time of the day and night. This information is critical in times where emergency care is needed. If a patient begins having unexpected difficulties, the doctor can be found immediately.

Hospital Staff Display Boards

Staff Electronic Whiteboards

Savance Health can provide a separate electronic hospital display for every department. It allows for complete customization at the department level. Monitoring staff locations will help show trends in shortages and point to needed changes in procedure or process. Saving time is saving money. The screen sizes vary up to 55" and offer clear resolution, full color picture and are wall mounted for easy viewing. Custom setting such as colors, fonts, column size, resolution and types of information are available for the hospital whiteboards. We’ll help you design the perfect custom settings for each department. Our goal is to integrate the software in such a way that it gives you maximum value while meeting your needs.

Electronic Display Options

Our wall mounted display boards can be placed in the hospital waiting rooms, hallways, staff areas and any other area you want to monitor patients or staff. We offer various sizes and models starting from 42" up to 55" displays. 

Customizing the Display Boards

Customizing the Display Board

You can customize the displays to show any information you want, and you can add additional hardware to the displays for a complete hospital check in/out solution.  

You can choose what information you want displayed, column sizes, colors, fonts, resolutions and much more. 

We’ll help you design the perfect custom settings for each department. Our goal is to integrate the software in such a way that it gives you maximum value while meeting your needs.


Hospital Display Board Hardware

Multiple Hardware Options for Easier Check In/Out

There is a lot of available hardware that you can add to the system and make it a multi-function device. There are options for a check-in-check-out system, so that you tell at a glance if someone has already left the hospital. Staff and doctors alike can easily update their location and status by using badge card readers, touch screen displays and fingerprint scanners.

Is this too Complicated? 

Does all of this sound pretty high tech? Well it is, but it’s also easy to use. Very little training is required to begin using this equipment. We’ll be happy to walk you through each step, from installation to implementation. 

Our goal is to bring staff tracking information together in one easy-to-view location.

What you Get

If your goal is to improve emergency response times, streamline staff activity or locate areas that might need improvement, then the electronic hospital display is for you. Rather than wading through tons of papers, trying to determine who is where and when, you can get the same information at a glance. This is one of the best time management tools to come along in awhile. It’s puts all the right information in your hands that you need to make the big decisions.

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