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The Ease of Touch Screen Technology

Apr 7

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4/7/2013 1:43 PM  RssIcon

Patient registration and sign-in are probably the most dreaded processes to anyone seeking healthcare today.  Add in frustrations due to unpredictable delays and extended wait rooms, and it’s enough to drive someone mad.  The days of home visits or walking in to seek treatment from the doctor and paying with a live chicken, or tasty apple pie are gone. They knew patients by first name simply because there were only about 20 people in the community. Sure, this is somewhat of an exaggeration, but the truth is, there are a LOT of people and we are known as numbers, rather than names.

Patient Verification Made Simple 
Touch screen technology gives power the people! Each patient can access their own file and sign-in for appointments without having to wait and fill out needless forms. They can input all necessary data to verify identification themselves. They are aware of the status of their wait and stage of the medical service process at any given moment. They simply check by using the touch screen display, their smartphone, or a waiting room display mounted on the wall.

Access to all information is privacy-sensitive, so it retains the privacy demanded by HIPAA. Unauthorized persons are not able to access private information, including name, address, phone number and medical details. This builds patient confidence in their healthcare provider.
Custom Technology
The touch screen displays are fully customizable, which can help with patients that have difficulty seeing. Fonts and text sizes can be enlarged and changed to make it easier to read for children, elderly, and anyone experiencing vision or reading problems. The prompts are simple and can be operated by nearly anyone. Once the healthcare facility is aware that you have signed in, they will begin getting ready to offer the patient services that they came for. The cut in wait time can be extraordinary.
Reducing Wait Time Reduces Frustration
The problem with standard sign-in procedure is that it takes a long time just to make it to the “sit and wait” phase. There might be a line waiting to check-in and then they still have to wait for the desk clerk to notify personnel that the patient has arrived. Touch screen sign-in eliminates the wait before the wait. The necessary people are notified that the patient is present and waiting for them.

No one wants a long, frustrating wait, especially when they aren’t feeling well. No one wants to be in the dark as to how long it will take until they get the care they came there for either.  Touch screen technology DOES offer an easier and more secure way for patients to take sign-in responsibility into their own hands. Nothing beats the feelings of frustration like empowerment.