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How the Use of Interactive Patient Care Improves the Business of Healthcare

Mar 18

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3/18/2013 1:46 PM  RssIcon

Patient Focused Equipment
Patient empowerment begins at check-in. The self operated kiosks allow a patient to securely access their records and check-in for needed medical procedures. Family, friends and patients alike can monitor their progress through the system by using waiting room displays that are sensitive for privacy by using ID numbers rather than patient names. Bedside Butler Infotainment units allow the admitted patient access to their records, test results and staff enquires. It’s becoming so streamlined that patients will expect nothing less within the next few years. Patient wait times have already seen a reduction by 30.6%. The trend is set for even better numbers in the future.

Staff Equipment
Digital whiteboard type display units for staff members make it a breeze to monitor the progress and whereabouts of all patients in the healthcare system. This lightens the load for nursing staff and creates better communication between departments. Patient safety is a serious matter and the tracking capabilities help reduce incidences of falls. 32.1% fall reduction rates have been realized by using tracking software. Patients that are at risk can be closely monitored using the displays. Nurses, doctors and other staff are able to see at a glance when patients are ready to be seen. The time savings over a day, week or month can be extraordinary. It promotes a unity and team feel for even the largest of healthcare centers.

Asset and Staff Management
Savance Health helps manage both assets and staff in ways that greatly improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare facilities. Quality, relevant information is the main ingredient to good healthcare facility management. Balancing a budget and providing top-notch care are possible with the right combinations of information. Knowing where equipment and staff are at all times will help keep the workflow running smooth. Greater efficiency translates into better care for the patients. Does this really work? Well, a decrease in readmission for heart failure of 29% and 9.5% for pediatric asthma shows that it has the potential to make a dramatic impact on the health of the nation. It’s already doing that in every facility that utilizes the Savance Health tracking software currently.

Overall Healthcare Efficiency
Improving the overall efficiency of healthcare has a direct impact on the continued health of patients, survival rates, proper diagnosis and treatment and increased patient satisfaction. Streamlining services gets patients in and out quicker with better results. Being able to eliminate some of the more mundane tasks for staff allows them to concentrate efforts on better treatment methods and accurate diagnosis. The quicker a patient can be seen, evaluated properly and treated, the better the outcome for the long-term. Tracking software is already showing a reduction in overall hospital stays of 5.8%. That translates into real savings for both the facility and patient alike. If the patient feels they have received the best care at a reasonable price, satisfaction rates soar.

Reducing Healthcare Costs
Lowering healthcare costs in the past meant compromising the quality of care offered. The savings that can be realized by Savance Health tracking software changes this outlook. By keeping staff levels affordable, assets accounted for and the patient to staff ratio reasonable, the costs of doing business are naturally reduced. These savings can be passed right along to the patient. It’s the most innovative answer to the skyrocketing rise in healthcare costs to ever come along. The equipment and software are fully customizable to fit the needs and size of the healthcare center. Operation is easy for both staff and patients alike. It’s HIPAA compliant and allows you to monitor staff and patient interactions and that the facility policies are being followed to the letter.



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