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In today’s healthcare industry, few things are more important than patient satisfaction. No matter how great the care, long wait times and a lack of visibility and information lead to a less than pleasant patient experience. In many cases, this is due to outdated clinical procedures and workflow processes; however, the common problem of insufficient data makes it impossible to fully drill down; identify bottlenecks; and make changes. As a response, we created Savance Health, a line of HIPAA-compliant software solutions tailored specifically to the healthcare industry.

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Customer Testimonials

The significance is visibility. Patients see where they stand in the queue. Staff can proactively keep workflows moving. And administrators base staffing and scheduling decisions on real data.

Dr Jeffrey Dome
Chief of Hematology & Oncology

We get more from Savance Health, with less costs. We get many more features, so much more support, and really like that you are a healthcare company that works with healthcare solutions. You really seem to have your finger on the pulse.

Celeste Favor
Clinic Operations Manager

We were able to cut wait times by an average of 15 minutes, improve the registration time by 4 minutes, and reduce the overall visit by 20 minutes on average.

Donna Yoshida
Operations Manager

Patient Self Sign-In

Get accurate information from your patients using an electronic self check-in kiosk with customizable options and branding.

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Waiting Room Display

Our displays are HIPAA-compliant, and keep both patients and families informed of any updates or waiting times.

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Doctor, Nurses & Staff Tracking

Improve communication, and collect information about your staff's movement, work flow and interactions with patients.

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Patient Tracking & Flow

Track patients throughout their visits, and easily identify and eliminate bottlenecks for better patient throughput.

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