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In today’s healthcare industry, few things are more important than patient satisfaction. No matter how great the care, long wait times and a lack of visibility and information lead to a less than pleasant patient experience. In many cases, this is due to outdated clinical procedures and workflow processes; however, the common problem of insufficient data makes it impossible to fully drill down; identify bottlenecks; and make changes.

This is why we developed Savance Health, a line of HIPAA-compliant software solutions tailored specifically to the healthcare industry. Our goal is to help hospitals —and other medical facilities— save time and money while improving both the work environment of healthcare staff, and the patient experience. From the moment that a patient arrives at your healthcare facility until the time that they leave, Savance Health will collect crucial data; simplify all processes; improve efficiency; decrease patient wait times; and increase overall patient satisfaction (and HCAHPS scores).

Savance currently helps multiple large hospitals across the United States use data and technology to streamline operations and improve the patient experience. Our solutions include electronic Patient Self Check-In kiosks, HIPAA-compliant Waiting Room Display boards, and a comprehensive Patient Tracking & Flow solution. Savance Health solutions are fully customizable to your exact needs.

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Patient Self Sign-In

Get accurate information from your patients using an electronic self check-in kiosk with customizable options and branding.

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Waiting Room Display

Our displays are HIPAA-compliant, and keep both patients and families informed of any updates or waiting times.

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Doctor, Nurses & Staff Tracking

Improve communication, and collect information about your staff's movement, work flow and interactions with patients.

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Patient Tracking & Flow

Track patients throughout their visits, and easily identify and eliminate bottlenecks for better patient throughput.

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