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Savance Health offers businesses that operate within the healthcare industry with a versatile suite of products to address a wide range of needs. Features like our Patient Tracker not only aids in providing more efficient patient tracking and flow, it also improves your financial results, increases patient satisfaction, enhances regulatory compliance, and diminishes potential liability.

We used our 15+ years of experience and knowledge serving as a top business automation technology organization to create solutions that will increase your productivity, reduce your cost, and create a more positive experience with your patients.

Additional ways we can help you streamline your heathcare process is through our Touch Screen Kiosk which makes HIPAA patient sign-in a more efficient and patient-friendly process. Just place the kiosk near the entrances or in the waiting room so that the patient can get started entering their information from the moment they arrive. This sign-in system cuts down on the amount of time patients have to wait for medical attention and provides you with more complete information for each patient.

We offer a variety of systems including radio frequency infra-red identification, or RFID systems which will aid you in simplifying your asset management and staff tracking. You will never have to search for your hospital equipment again. Keep track of staff members and objects that are located anywhere on the premises. We also offer solutions for RTLS, infection control, on call schedules, wide-screen displays in patient rooms and much more. Let us create a customized solution that will fit your specific healthcare needs.


Patient Sign-In and Tracking

Get accurate information from your patients using a simple check-in kiosk. Then track them throughout their stay.

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Waiting Room Display

Our displays are HIPPA compliant, and keep both patients and families informed of any updates or waiting times.

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Doctor, Nurses & Staff Tracking

Collect information about your staff's movement, work flow and interactions with patients.

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Asset Management and Tracking

No more searching for equipment. Know where your hospital assets are and how they are being used at all times.

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